Hood Leather - Replacement Parts


With Hood Leather’s knowledge and long history, we are your one source for leather components for pool table pockets. We offer the following parts in any of our leather finishes:

  • Leather Iron covers for #6, #3, #5, 20th Century, Wenco, Briggs, snooker irons or any custom iron
  • Leather pockets including jumbo, sagless, snooker and Liberty Buckets
  • Leather pockets shields in many sizes
  • Leather Inside trim
  • Leather Slate leathers
  • Fringes in a wide variety of colors and styles
  • Gully table accessories, including: boots, aprons, gully trim, and shields with snaps & studs
  • Irons, including: #6, #3, #10 snooker, #6 snooker, 20th Century, and Antique #6