Hood Leather Pool Table Pockets



Hood Leather Goods is widely considered among the very best manufacturers of pool table pockets in the billiard industry - and for good reason. Nobody matches Hood Leather Goods’ meticulous, handcrafted construction or the company's tireless dedication to manufacturing a product that seamlessly enhances a table's appearance and playability. It's no wonder why many industry leaders believe a table isn't complete until it proudly displays leather pockets from Hood Leather Goods.

Hood Leather Goods produces pool table pockets in the United States and China and every leather pocket bearing the Hood Leather Goods emblem is tastefully crafted with the finest leathers, fringes, and shields. Pockets are available in a wide array of colors and styles to match the diverse tastes of today's table owners. Whether a table calls for a sleek and contemporary look or a more traditional appearance, Hood Leather offers the ideal pool table pockets to complete the desired effect.

Our company's unmatched attention to detail ensures every pool table pocket lives up to Hood's longstanding standard of excellence.

Quality Craftsmanship

Hood Leather Goods has been manufacturing pool table pockets longer than anyone in the industry. Currently, Hood Leather is the only domestic manufacturer of pool table pockets. The company uses only the richest leathers and time-tested assembly methods. Hood Leather is proud of its famed “Avanzato” leather finishes. Producing a single Hood Leather pool table pocket involves as many as 20 individual steps - each piece is carefully formed, trimmed, and embossed by hand using a process that has been virtually unchanged for nearly 70 years.

Hood Leather Goods delivers what all billiard enthusiasts are seeking in their pool table pockets: quality construction combined with a variety of design options. With Hood Leather, pool table owners have the unique ability to custom order leather pool table pockets in 15 different colors, 23 shield designs and 5 fringe styles in nearly 50 colors. The possibilities are simply unequaled.