Hood Leather Pool Table Covers



Hood Leather Goods understands pool table owners and knows how important it is for them to guard their investments against dust, sharp objects, spills, sunlight, and other potential damage. Most owners wouldn't think of leaving their tables unprotected from the many harmful items found in the average home. That's why it's important for billiard retailers to offer an assortment of protective pool table covers to meet the diverse needs of today's consumers.

Hood Leather Goods, the longtime manufacturer of the finest pool table pockets in the industry, offers a full line of pool and game table covers in a variety of sizes, colors, and functionality. From simple dust protection to converting a pool table into a buffet, Hood Leather manufactures quality-constructed pool table covers to serve a variety of needs.

Plus, the company recognizes that when selecting a pool table cover, protection is not a consumer's only consideration. These days, pool table covers need to help enhance a room and complement nearby furniture, draperies, or wall hangings. As a result, Hood closely follows home decorating trends to offer the latest fabric options, which can be custom ordered to match a consumer's specific decor.

Soft Pool Table Covers

Dust is everywhere in a home and it can cause serious damage to a pool table, if it's left unchecked. Fortunately, Hood offers two soft pool table covers designed primarily to protect a table's surface against dust, sunlight, and other air-born substances.

Hood's "Draped Soft" Pool Table Covers flow loosely over the corners of a pool table to provide basic protection against dust and sunlight damage. Hood also offers "Fitted Soft" Pool Table Covers, which pull tightly around the contours of a pool table to offer superior protection from dust, spills, and other harmful objects.

Table Conversion

For consumers seeking more than basic protection, Hood Leather Goods offers covers that convert a pool table into a conventional, multi-purpose table. The company's "Hard Top" Pool Table Cover turns a pool table into an ideal buffet for dining and entertaining as well as provides a perfect surface for family projects or other household tasks - the options are virtually limitless.

The "Hard Top" consists of a fitted pool table cover plus a foam insert, which fits a table's inner dimensions. It creates a solid, level surface and protect the pool table from dust, spills, heat, and even heavy objects.

For those who already own a soft pool table cover, but want the additional protection available through the "Hard Top", Hood offers "The Convertible" - a foam insert that rests inside a pool table's cushions to provide the same benefits as the "Hard Top."


Classic Collection
Brown Nutmeg Black Wine Forest Green

Majestic Series
Sage Emerald Merlot Cinnamon

Micro Suede Collection
Olive Cranberry


Fitted Pool Table Covers
Stock # Cover Size Table Size Corner Style
7A 50 X 90 40 X 80 Leather Pocket
7A1 49 x 88 39 x 78 Leather Pocket
7A2 48 x 86 38 x 76 Leather Pocket
7M 52 X 92 40 X 80 Modern Style
7V 53 x 93 40 x 80 Commercial
8A 55 x 99 44 x 88 Leather Pocket
8M 56 x 100 44 x 88 Modern Style
8A2 57 x 103 46 x 92 Leather Pocket
8½M 60 x 106 46 x 92 Modern Style
8V 60 x 106 496 x 92 Commercial
9A 61 x 111 50 x 100 Leather Pocket
9M 62 x 112 50 x 100 Modern Style
9½M 64 x 114 50 x 100 Commercial
9V 66 x 116 50 x 100 Commercial
10A 66 x 122 56 x 112 Leather Pocket
10M 68 x 124 56 x 112 Modern Style
GT 54 x 54 54" Octagon


Draped Pool Table Covers
Stock # Cover Size Table Size
7D 64 x 104 7 Feet
8D 70 x 114 8 Feet
9D 80 x 126 9 Feet
10D 82 x 138 10 Feet


The Convertible
Stock # Inside Dimensions of Table
70 38 x 76
71 39 x 78
72 40 x 80
80 44 x 88
81 46 x 92
90 50 x 100


NCAA Draped Covers Officially Licensed Product
Universal drape cover will fit 7’, 8’or 9’ table
Available in Black only